KollathKares Grant Program

Providing $1500 grants to local nonprofits every quarter!

In 2017, KollathKares was launched to provide our firm with an Employee Volunteer Program (EVP) and engage our team in giving back to the community that has provided so much to our business.


Then, in 2020, we launched our KollathKares Grant Program, which provides an opportunity for not only our employees to engage with and learn more about the nonprofits that provide vital services in our community, but it also gives a nonprofit a chance to apply for much-needed funds they can use to further their mission.


Each quarter, nominations are accepted for nonprofits to receive that quarter’s $1500 grant. Employees then vote on that quarter’s recipient. Then the process starts all over again the next quarter!


Nonprofits can either apply for the grant themselves, or if you have a favorite charity that you think would benefit from a KollathKares grant, we (gladly!) accept nominations from a nonprofit’s supporters.


We are incredibly proud to be a part of the thriving Madison community, and are honored to support the organizations that do so much in our region.



Q1 KollathKares Grant Application deadline: Friday, March 31, 11:59pm (CST)
Q2 KollathKares Grant Application deadline: Friday, June 30, 11:59pm (CST)
Q3 KollathKares Grant Application deadline: Saturday, September 30, 11:59pm (CST)
Q4 KollathKares Grant Application deadline: Sunday, December 31, 11:59pm (CST)


Previous KollathKares Grant Recipients